In a sunroom we are expected to have the sun come in and illuminate our world.  However, there will be times that we need a little privacy or just need to section off a portion of the room for a specific purpose.  To do this in a typical sunroom can be a little difficult, however, using a round room screen monterey ca can offer a lot of options.

Changing room

round room screen monterey ca

One reason that you will want to have some extra privacy is when you are using the sunroom off of a pool or an area that tends to track in a lot of mud and dirt.  You can use these screens to block people’s view and allow people to change and make themselves decent.  This also allows you to prevent people from walking through your home with wet feet or muddy clothing.

Seating areas

You want to really focus on seating when designing your sunroom.  When we have enough seating, we are encouraging people to come in and relax.  However, we don’t want to have so much seating that we are just crammed packed with people.  The design of the room really needs to be warm and inviting and comfortable to sit in.


With a sunroom you are dealing with mostly black or grey sections that hold the glass in place.  These sections don’t really allow you to play with or manipulate color in the room.  However, you do have a great deal of options for the rest of the room.

You can create a great looking floor with colored tiles or brick.  You want to create a nice looking floor that allows you to easily clean the room of dirt and mud, but you also want to have a subtle tone that isn’t overpowering your visitors.

When it comes to creating privacy and a warm feeling there are a lot of options to choose from.