Checks are still a popular mode of payment in the United States. Most businesses prefer checks over cards. While writing checks I the simplest of tasks, sometimes it happens that banks such as columbia bank aberdeen refuse to cash checks. Given below are some of the key reasons why this must have happened to you.

Lack of Proper ID

Check frauds are very popular and banks have to protect themselves against them. If you cannot prove your identity appropriately, there is no way that a bank will cash the checks made in your name. You must always carry a government authenticated ID with you when you go to a bank.

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Too large transactions

Not all bank branches are equipped to deal with too large a transaction without prior notice. Suppose your check requires the bank to clear $30,000, but the bank has only $35,000 a day to use for customer transactions, there is no way that they would cash your check.

Old Checks

Some checks have a date written on them after which the check will become void. Be sure that every time you receive a check, you check for any such date mentioned on it. If you approach a bank after the check has become void, you will not be allowed to cash it.

Post-dated check

Some checks have a future withdrawal date mentioned on them which requests holding of payment. If the check issuer has given the bank some instructions regarding holding of payment, the bank will follow those instructions. Only an affirmation from the payer will allow the bank to cash your check.


There are quite a few obstacles that can stand in between the check issues to you and your payment. Given here were a few reasons why banks would not cash your checks. If you face such a problem, it is best to contact the bank’s management or employees to understand where the discrepancy lies.