A transitional bathroom may not be very well known to you, but this style is becoming more popular as the years go by as homeowners look to make changes in their bathroom areas. These are actually quite popular as of recent years, so you may be seeing them more often in the homes of friends and family members that you visit.

But what exactly is a transitional bathroom and how can you make your bathroom emulate this style?

In Between

Transitional bathroom are typically bathrooms that are a mix of two different design styles, most commonly contemporary and traditional mixes. However, you may also be able to mix various other styles to create a beautiful and functional transitional bathroom that is unique and personalized. Styles vary, but you are most likely to see styles that are warm with a slight modern, sleek touch and clean lines.

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Transitional bathrooms can also be bathrooms that have added safety features to make it possible for adults to age into the bathroom, such as grab bars or supports. Some bathrooms may remove the bathtub entirely and instead replace it with a standing shower that is designed with a bench inside, so you can sit comfortably while showering.

Safety in Style

Though they may have added safety features, these bathrooms are not strictly for older individuals. Transitional bathrooms are comfortable, sleek, and safe. They can prevent falls and accidents while also bringing you more variety, as grab bars can also act as towel racks. You can see a lot of styles and get ideas by looking at transitional bathroom design milan professionals create.

The design of your bathroom may be considered transitional by adding a few touches and making some changes that enhance the comfort of the bathroom while giving a modern, sleek look that inspires others.